Babies/Kids Clothes – 10 Important Guidelines


Babies and kids often show their resentment to uncomfortable clothes by being fussy and unpredictable. That is why it is so important to choose the right type of clothes for them by paying attention to the weather conditions and the type of the activity in which the child is going to get involved. This is particularly applicable to kids wear in Sri Lanka, where the ambient temperature in the country is generally high during most parts of the year.


Easily Changeable

othes having styles such as colorful buttons and press studs at the right places make the task of changing clothes easy, while giving a smart look to the kids.


PrinClts, Designs and Patterns

Animal and cartoon prints are the fashionable, well accepted and popular selections to keep the child excited and happy.


Dazzling and Cheerful Colours

Dazzling, bright and cheerful colours always arouse the excitement of everyone, which is a common occurrence even in the minds of kids and babies.


Correct fit

Kids are generally active. It is therefore important to protect them from accidents, which often happens due to the misfit of chosen clothes, which are either too big or too small. This creates unnecessary problems to both mother and the child.


Too many Decorations

Clothes for babies should be with simple add on accessories without too many embellishments pinned, clipped or designed into the clothing. The danger is the possibility of swallowing, poking and using them to hurt other kids.


Over matching clothes

Over matching clothes is a dreadful sight and too much of a distraction, when they are full with bold prints and designs that come with everything matching, particularly when one color outfits are already quite overwhelming. Although some parents may think that it is attractive to dress their babies and kids identically, some variation is more desirable.


Too Elegant Clothes

Over dressing the child with fanciful clothes would be stupid, if the occasion does not call for such outfits, because it could be uncomfortable to the child. In that sense, selection of casual dresses for kids and babies also needs special attention.


Neutral colors

It is a disgrace to dress your child with dull neutral colors whereas they should enjoy the freedom of wearing wonderful styles with an assortment of colors and patterns.


Activity Based Dresses

Children should be properly dressed to suit the occasion and to prevent from injury, particularly if outdoor activities are a part of their day. Exposed knees and poorlyfitted shoes are good reasons for injury.