Fashion Mistakes That Men Should Avoid

For a man to be able to dress well and impress there are several mistakes that must be avoided. Many times it’s the smallest of mistakes that make an outfit fall flat and fail. So It’s important to know what these mistakes are to put together a successful outfit and look.

Clothes that are ill fitting are one of the main mistakes that should be avoided. It will make you look as though you are wearing hand me downs. Never ever wear a tie with a short sleeve shirt this style is considered lower class apparel. Long sleeve shirts with a tie is best to look professional. Don’t go around wearing Dirty shoes.

A man with real style will keep his shoes clean and not overlook them. Also avoid wearing Warped shoes. Have two pairs of dress shoes that can be worn interchangeably to avoid warping. Using shoetrees when your not wearing them is a good way to maintain their form. Don’t wear pants that have improper lengths. They can reach the bottom of your shoes but not so long that they touch the floor. A slight crease in the pants will be just right. Beware of Wearing wrong socks with a suit. Your socks must always match the colour of your pants for professional and formal occasions.

This however is a rule that can be broken from time to time. At times that you wear dress shoes, wearing the Wrong belt colour can ruin your look. Your belt must match your dress shoes. A simple aspect that is overlooked is Improper tie length. The tie should always end at the middle of your belt buckle. Too short or too long can make you look incompetent. Forgetting the dimple in your necktie will make everyone feel that you don’t know how to wear a tie. Don’t be too ‘buttoned’ up. If say a jacket has two buttons, button only one of them. Always keep the bottom button undone.

Never wear Socks and Sandals as this looks extremely tacky and is not stylish at all. Avoid Cartoon clothing. It will not look great if you have a cartoon character on your tie or shirt. Dress socks that aren’t long enough should not be worn as ideal socks should reach your calves. If it’s a casual outfit you can wear shorter socks or none at all. Wearing the wrong colours can push the focus from you to the overwhelming colour of your outfit. Match clothes to the tone of your skin. Dark colours for dark skin and light colours for fair skin. Wrinkled clothing makes you look lazy and unfashionable, so always make sure your clothes are always ironed. Avoid wearing the Wrong casual tie. Make sure you keep your wider ties for the office and slimmer ties for casual outfits. Wearing too many colours at the same time might come off as too blinding. Stick to colours that compliment each other and stick to a maximum of three colours per outfit to pull off a co-ordinated look.

Never Wear a backpack with a suit as these two don’t go together at all. A much better better option is a briefcase or even a messenger bag that can be carried across your chest. Your hair is one area that should be groomed regularly. Unflattering hairstyles doesn’t do anyone any favours. Don’t be hesitant to try something new but make sure it suits you. Don’t apply Too much of cologne so much so that people don’t have to come close to you to smell the scent. Two sprays on your neck and wrists should suffice.

A few other do not’s include Comb overs, Sweatpants in public, Tucking t-shirts in, Clipping cell phones to your belt, Too many prints, Bulky pockets, and Dirty nails. Stay away from these mistakes and you’ll be sure to look great and turn heads always.