A Guide to Buy Men’s Workout Shirts

Workout shirts for men are made from breathable, non-irritating fabrics and specially designed for the wearer to feel comfortable, while ensuring free movement when engaged in exercises. Workout tops specially enhance the capability of the body to regulate body temperature and to control perspiration. Ability to perform well in all types of athletic activities is the primary objective of these shirts, which are available as long-sleeve, short-sleeve in a range of styles and fabrics. This guide gives men an idea about different types of shirts which are best for exercises, details of different types of fabrics that go into make athletic wear and their special features.

Fabrics for Athletic Type Ware

Important features of fabrics that are suitable for athletes are the ones which are of lightweight and with ability to absorb moisture in order to keep the athlete dry and comfortable, while preventing variations in the body temperature.


Cotton workout shirts are suitable for persons who engage in routine moderate exercises, but they are not the best and should not be worn in a session of more rigorous exercises, as cotton material tends to gather moisture making the athlete soaked and uncomfortable during a heavy workout. Further, cotton does not breathe well compared to some synthetic materials. Furthermore, although cotton is comparatively inexpensive than other materials, cotton is more inclined to shrink after washing.


Due to its breathability, lightweight qualities, softness, resistance to shrinkage, ability to stretch and quick drying, polyester is a more popular choice among athletic wear. The disadvantages of polyester are its tendency to collect static and formation of small balls of fluff on the surface.


Nylon is similar in features to polyester, but it is cheaper than polyester. Nylon is lightweight, strong and fast drying due to non absorption of moisture, which makes it easy to maintain.


Spandex can stretch up to 500 percent of its original size and revert to its original form. Because of its lightweight, it is a perfect fitness wear. A common and regular form of spandex in fitness wear is Lycra, which is a synthetic elastic fabric. Lycra is comfortable, breathable, quick-drying and resistant to bacteria, ultraviolet rays, and chlorine. Spandex also removes instances of adherence of static and pilling.

Varieties of Workout Shirts

While designing workout shirts, attention is paid not only to performance but to comfort as well. Some of the important aspects of improving the style and comfort are the printing of the label inside the shirt instead of on a tag to prevent irritation due to rubbing against the body and the inclusion of hidden line of stitching. It is always better to consider more suitable options than cotton t-shirt for those who wish to engage in more rigorous fitness levels, although cotton t-shirt will be adequate for a majority of workouts. Men must also ensure that their shirts hang loose especially around the areas where they are likely to sweat while engaged in exercises because such wear will give the body a better freedom to breathe while perspiring and will also help to prevent rubbing or abrasion. On the other hand, if men wear a fitted top, ensure that it is constructed from light fabrics and are designed specifically for working out as otherwise, men may suffer due to overheat and hence become unproductive. It is equally important to consider weather conditions to protect the wearer from sun during summer and to keep them dry in the winter. Types of shirts that are discussed below are for such extreme temperatures.

Muscle Shirts

Muscle shirts are without sleeves like basketball shirts providing free arm movement and better circulation of body heat, where they are generally of form-fitting and with low cut armholes facilitating weight lifting. This method of cutting also allows men to freely display their muscles.

Compression Muscle Shirts

These shirts are made of tight spandex clothing and are generally worn as an inner base layer under the outer athletic attire to provide support to keep muscles warm, minimize cramps and tension and also to prevent roughness to the body with its slick layer near the underarms and inner thighs.

V-Tapered Muscle Shirts

Workout shirts with deep V – tapered cut which is made out of cotton with other synthetic mix are ideally suited for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and professional athletes.  These shirts are with sections of permeable, jersey-like weaves to allow increased airflow to high perspiration body areas such as armpits.

Short and Long-Sleeve Workout T-Shirts

Short – sleeve and long – sleeve workout t – shirts made out of special fabric are to improve the ability of the body to control its temperature and to enhance performance. An important characteristic of this fabric is its ability to absorb sweat from the skin and to transfer to the exterior of the fabric for fast evaporation. These t-shirts are ideal for extreme weather conditions, because in hot weather perspiration which is trapped causes the body to overheat and may even cause heat strokes in extreme situations.