How To Properly Shop For Men’s Clothing

Most times men find it quite challenging and difficult to shop for clothing that is both stylish and affordable and which also helps them to look sharp and smart whatever the occasion.

There are several tips that men can use to better choose clothing on a budget.

If you have never put an outfit together by yourself before, a good idea is to subscribe to several men’s clothing catalogs. You will be able to study clothes and match your outfits in a better way. Especially choose catalogs of brands that you regularly wear. Sometimes the clothing that you like may be from a store that is too expensive for your budget, in this case you can take the picture in the catalog to the store you shop at so that the store representatives can find something similar.

It is also good to buy several colours of an outfit that you like. Try not to worry about whether or not a colour suits you as most colours match anyone. Colours such as pink and purple are colours to stay away from if you feel self conscious. Also keep an eye out for deals and coupons to save money. Many sales are announced by stores through email lists, so make sure to sign up for one of these. It is much better to purchase solid coloured clothes than printed as these will be easier to match. Always make sure that the clothes you purchase fit you well, a good thing to remember is that if your clothes are too big, you will look bigger too. Shirts should fit properly around the shoulders and unless you are big made, you should be able to put your fingers under the cuff of short sleeves, whereas long sleeves should not go past your hands. Pants must be the right length and must not touch the shoe soles. Pleated pants do not suit everyone so it is better to buy flat-front pants. A good fit applies to pants as well. A common mistake that many men make is not hemming their pants in the right way. It is quite cheap to get done and prevents your pants from getting frayed at the bottom which is not a nice look at all.

Contrary to popular belief black does not make you look slim, so wearing full black is not wise. In fact, wearing any single colour from head to toe is not a good idea. Only clothing such as suits and tuxedos should be one single colour. Belts and shoes are also important accessories in a man’s wardrobe which must also be matched well. For example don’t wear a brown belt with black shoes. Men’s belts especially should have no stamps or decorations on them and shoes must always be polished. Wear white socks with sneakers and black socks with dress shoes. Jean shorts are not a good look, khaki shorts and cargo shorts are best but only for casual days. The perfect length for shorts are around your knees.

Brands don’t matter, only purchase items that are comfortable and fit you well. A man’s basic wardrobe should ideally consist of jeans, khakis, khaki or cargo shorts, button down shirts, black leather belt and shoes and for casual days short sleeved polo shirts or heavyweight t-shirts. Try not to overspend on clothing, but make sure you have enough to be able to dress well for any occasion.