Fashion Mistakes That Men Should Avoid

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For a man to be able to dress well and impress there are several mistakes that must be avoided. Many times it’s the smallest of mistakes that make an outfit fall flat and fail. So It’s important to know what these mistakes are to put together a successful outfit and look.

Clothes that are ill fitting are one of the main mistakes that should be avoided. It will make you look as though you are wearing hand me downs. Never ever wear a tie with a short sleeve shirt this style is considered lower class apparel. Long sleeve shirts with a tie is best to look professional. Don’t go around wearing Dirty shoes.

A man with real style will keep his shoes clean and not overlook them. Also avoid wearing Warped shoes. Have two pairs of dress shoes that can be worn interchangeably to avoid warping. Using shoetrees when your not wearing them is a good way to maintain their form. Don’t wear pants that have improper lengths. They can reach the bottom of your shoes but not so long that they touch the floor. A slight crease in the pants will be just right. Beware of Wearing wrong socks with a suit. Your socks must always match the colour of your pants for professional and formal occasions.

This however is a rule that can be broken from time to time. At times that you wear dress shoes, wearing the Wrong belt colour can ruin your look. Your belt must match your dress shoes. A simple aspect that is overlooked is Improper tie length. The tie should always end at the middle of your belt buckle. Too short or too long can make you look incompetent. Forgetting the dimple in your necktie will make everyone feel that you don’t know how to wear a tie. Don’t be too ‘buttoned’ up. If say a jacket has two buttons, button only one of them. Always keep the bottom button undone.

Never wear Socks and Sandals as this looks extremely tacky and is not stylish at all. Avoid Cartoon clothing. It will not look great if you have a cartoon character on your tie or shirt. Dress socks that aren’t long enough should not be worn as ideal socks should reach your calves. If it’s a casual outfit you can wear shorter socks or none at all. Wearing the wrong colours can push the focus from you to the overwhelming colour of your outfit. Match clothes to the tone of your skin. Dark colours for dark skin and light colours for fair skin. Wrinkled clothing makes you look lazy and unfashionable, so always make sure your clothes are always ironed. Avoid wearing the Wrong casual tie. Make sure you keep your wider ties for the office and slimmer ties for casual outfits. Wearing too many colours at the same time might come off as too blinding. Stick to colours that compliment each other and stick to a maximum of three colours per outfit to pull off a co-ordinated look.

Never Wear a backpack with a suit as these two don’t go together at all. A much better better option is a briefcase or even a messenger bag that can be carried across your chest. Your hair is one area that should be groomed regularly. Unflattering hairstyles doesn’t do anyone any favours. Don’t be hesitant to try something new but make sure it suits you. Don’t apply Too much of cologne so much so that people don’t have to come close to you to smell the scent. Two sprays on your neck and wrists should suffice.

A few other do not’s include Comb overs, Sweatpants in public, Tucking t-shirts in, Clipping cell phones to your belt, Too many prints, Bulky pockets, and Dirty nails. Stay away from these mistakes and you’ll be sure to look great and turn heads always.

Tips for Dressing Kid’s who are Sensationally Sensitive.

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Getting dressed can be a struggle for some kids who are extremely delicate or who have tactile distinctions. Below are some tips on how to lessen the pressure while they get ready.

Heavy Work

Begin with heavy work; heating up the muscles with training is the best method to lessen sensitivity. Professional counsellors interpret “heavy work” as movements such as; pushing a clothes basket and also creeping through a tunnel, these apply extensive force on the bones of the top part of their body.

Soft Clothing

Know what type of kids clothing to search for: it has to be smooth and breathable material, with no tags, also made with elastic bands and there can’t be any metal pieces, any hefty decorations or trinkets. Some websites give plenty of soft outfits for your sensationally sensitive kid.

Also purchase second-hand clothes when attainable and shop at used department stores for smother materials.

Find Alternatives

Trust your kid when she or he tells you that their attire annoys them; take this chance to discover an answer to the issue together. Wearing an undershirt without the tag expands general ease; exchanging cotton jersey gaiters for leotards makes wearing a skirt way more enjoyable.

Let Your Child Choose

Permit your kids to pick their outfits frequently as manageable; sometimes 5 year olds love to dress in black colours; like the Darth Vader, but other times they would love to wear outfits such as; from a monster truck theme or even a roller coaster theme. These kinds of tests expand their sensational indulgence.

Find the Right Undergarments

Be sure that kids socks also their under garments are very comfy, a whole day could get spoiled by unruly socks that get bundled up inside their shoes or under garments that scratches the hips. There are places that make smooth socks as well as underwear that are made to reduce annoyance for kids who are sensitive.

Boys boxers without tags with closed waistbands are the cosiest clothes for girls and boys, the stretchy bands around the groin part can be very excruciating on boys and girls underwear.

Don’t Always Dress For the Weather

Be adaptable about dressing for the climate, some kids want to wear long sleeves and long trousers throughout the year due to the reason that they do not enjoy the sensation of air on their arms and legs. The parents handle this by permitting their kids to pick their ownoutfits; they do have a set of clothes ready for when their children realize the truth about the weather outside.

Choose your sleepwear carefully

Pick the correct blankets and pajamas cautiously to get a great night’s sleep, remember exhausted and grumpy kids are quite sensitive. Don’t allow them to wear warm wool pyjamas; because they sweat but get them to dress in cotton knit pyjamas, the cotton material stops the dampness on their body.

Use Vitamins

Select vitamin and mineral add-ons to lessen sensitivity, there is considerable proof that says mineral as well as vitamin defaults can lead to sensitivities. Highly sensitive children usually have specialized nourishments, it means they need additional sustenance as well. Ask your doctor about the vitamin mixture that would work ideally for your kid.

Tips on How to Organize your Kids’ Clothing and Closet

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Maintaining a neat and well-organised home can play an important role in leading a happy family life. Families with kids will very well know the hassle involved with having to do so – organising kids’ clothing and managing closet space in particular. Listed below are a few tips and tricks on how you can keep your kid’s clothing and household clutter at bay

1) Stick to a Colour Code

A quick and easy way to avoid a lot of confusion at home is by assigning each member of your family a specific colour. For example, if one child is assigned the colour yellow, stick to yellow when buying items – including personal hygiene products, household utensils and kids wear in Sri Lanka. Toothbrushes, towels, laundry baskets, hair brushes, combs and such similar products can be all bought according to this colour code system when shopping. It is also possible to label kids’ clothing such underwear and socks by marking each clothing item with a small speck of the assigned colour in order to clearly identify its owner. This method will prevent any disagreements over belongings – specially over kids’ clothing – about which clothing item belongs to whom.

2) Sort Out Laundry

Laundry is usually the messiest aspect of any home and maintaining a well-organised laundry system can save heaps of time, hassle and worry. Kids’ wear in Sri Lanka can be organised in many ways when it comes to laundry. A useful tip is to have a separate colour-coded laundry basket assigned for each member of your family. Ensuring that each basket only contains clothing items and kids’ clothing belonging to its respective owner will automatically categorize and organize your laundry based on each member of the family. Getting your kids involved with doing laundry can be an excellent learning curve and will also prepare them to take on more responsibilities later on in life.

3) Organise Closet Space

Organizing kids’ wear in Sri Lanka and managing closet space can be a difficult task. Many homes are guilty of simply stuffing their garments and kids’ clothing into their closet without any arrangement or categorization – which can lead to huge loss of closet space as well as several hours wasted on trying to locate a specific clothing item. Make sure to use plenty of hangers for your kids’ clothing to keep everything nice and neat. Having separate compartments for different types of clothes is another excellent tip to sort things out and ensure that you are aware of exactly where each clothing item can be found in your closet.

4) Arrange Footwear and Bags

When it comes to kids’ wear in Sri Lanka, footwear and bags take up quite a large and unnecessary amount of space. Make sure you have a designated space or area – perhaps even a shoe rack – that is specifically meant for all footwear such as slippers, sandals, shoes, sneakers, etc. The same method can be done for bags and backpacks so that they do not clutter the house unnecessarily.

Having a well-organised and clean house is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also makes life less stressful. You save much time when your things are easier to find, helping you be relaxed and have peace of mind at all times – which is the successful recipe for a happy family life!

The Men’s Complete T-Shirt Buying Guide

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T-shirts are considered to be amongst the most basic elements of men’s fashion and clothing. Like other men’s t-shirts around the world, t-shirts in Sri Lanka are of various styles, designs and fashion brands. Given the vast variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and colours of t-shirts in Sri Lanka, selecting the perfect men’s t-shirt can be somewhat tricky. This guide has been compiled to help pick out the perfect t-shirt for you – in both style and comfort.

Selecting the Perfect Men’s T-Shirt

If you are unsure about which type of t-shirt will suit you, the following tips will help you out.

1) Size Comes First

The most important factor when buying a men’s t-shirt in Sri Lanka – or just about any other clothing item – is to ensure that you find a t-shirt of the correct size. An easy way to know whether a particular t-shirt is too big or too small is by checking the position of the seams on the shoulders of the t-shirt. A men’s t-shirt in Sri Lanka of the correct size will have its seams directly above the edge of your shoulders, while a t-shirt that is too large will have the seams hanging off your shoulders and a t-shirt that is too small will have the seams closer to your neck. A properly-fitted men’s t-shirt will also feel snug and not feel too tight or too loose.


2) Find the Right Fit

It is important to know the right fit and style of men’s t-shirt for your body type. If you are confident about your figure and wish to show it off, you may opt for a tight-fitting men’s t-shirt that accentuates your body shape perfectly. Looser men’s t-shirts are however more practical for day-to-day wear and are usually the most popular choice amongst most men. The type of fit that you wish to go for depends solely on personal preference and can be independently decided on.


3) Fabric and Material

This is another important factor that should be taken into consideration when deciding to buy men’s t-shirts in Sri Lanka. Each type of men’s t-shirt material – be it cotton or polyester – has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, choosing the correct fabric and material will all come down to your lifestyle requirements and preferences. Cotton for example is highly comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day – specially during summer. However, it wrinkles and shrinks easily, unlike polyester – which is now being popularly used for sporting purposes. The type of fabric and material for your t-shirt will depend on your requirements as well as your personal taste.

Numerous fashion brands of t-shirts in Sri Lanka are available, providing plenty of options. More fashion brand options are available online for internet shoppers and give an exciting array of men’s t-shirts for all occasions and tastes. For a more trendy and stylish look, simply spice up your look with a few accessories and fashion items. Finding the perfect men’s t-shirt is as easy as it gets!

Select the Right Sportswear

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Sportsmen and women must be concerned about their sportswear, nor merely to look attractive, but to ensure that such sportswear is adequate enough to survive the severity of their respective sports activities, whether it is tennis, yoga or any other. Following are the tips recommended by sportswear experts in this regard.

Choose the Right Sports Bra

It is essential that sportswomen must wear the right type of sports bra to ensure adequate support to the breast, based on the severity of the type of sports or fitness workouts they are engaged in.

  • Wide-striped bras that cross over at the back and somewhat similar to swim suit, which can be glided over the head like a t-shirt are good to withstand the rigors of strenuous sports activities or workouts, although they lack the ability to intensify the attractiveness of the body of a woman. Bras with under wires are not suitable as they can rub against the skin when sweating.
  • Sports bra that is an all-in-one top is good for large cup sizes, as this type of integrated bra top can provide the support the breast needs.
  • Even for smaller cup sizes, it is important to wear a bra to provide support to the breasts. In this case, an integrated bra top should not be selected. Instead, just choose a bra with the right cup size that provides sufficient support to the breast.
  • For moderate exercises such as yoga, sportswear should be soft and from unstructured fabric to support unhindered movement. If the exercise needs the body to rest on the floor, a fabric that does not rub against the skin should be chosen. An integrated bra with a simple top is adequate enough to provide the support the breast needs for gentle sport with low impact, whilst adding beauty and style to the body.

The above tips can be applied to any types of sports including combat sports like mixed martial arts.

Selection of Fabric for Sportswear

Following guidelines will be useful in selecting sportswear with the right fabric.

  • Sportswear for Intensive workouts like running, fitness classes, tennis, and hiking should be with anti-perspiration fabric to soak sweat from the body and to release it on to the other side of the clothing to maintain the body dry and fresh. Fabrics with polyamide or polyester for a flexible fit are good choices. Natural materials like merino wool which are lightweight and absorbent have the benefits of synthetic fibers.
  •  Light fabric that provides the ability to stretch and bend with least difficulty or uneasiness is good for less intensive activities like yoga. It is important that it should be free of rough edges and seams to prevent irritation to the skin. Cotton, bamboo and modal fabrics are the recommended materials. If it is made of nylon, it should be elastic for a comfortable fit.


At times, it escapes from the mind to choose the right footwear. The primary concern should be the right sole which is shock absorbing, spongy and bouncy that fits to the foot perfectly.

  • For indoor sports, a pair of shoes where the sole of the shoe has the ability to bear the impact of the feet striking the ground is a good selection. It should also be good enough to survive sideways movements, prevent skidding and to support the body balance.

More Expert Advices

A top with a drawstring waist is suitable for yoga classes, which assists stretching and bending. As a sports bottom always wear leggings as they are the most comfortable.

Lightweight and stretchy fabrics are the most suitable for athletes who take part in rigorous running to maintain freedom of movement. For running in summer, tennis types skirts would be ideal.

Promotional and Wholesale Custom T-Shirts as a Marketing Tool for New Businesses

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In the minds of owners of most new businesses, it is a belief that large sums of money is required to support the marketing wheel of the business to promote company brands. Naturally, any business can spend excessive money on marketing, if there is enough money, but for a new business which is just taking off the ground, such lavishness is almost beyond reach. It is therefore essential to plan it ahead and to start with the basic things or alternatively try to introduce a creative and innovative approach to promote business.

One successful approach for a new business to reach potential customers to boost sales is the use of cheap custom designed T-shirts.

Distribution of printed wholesale T-shirts is an effective marketing tool, especially for small scale businesses to achieve many benefits, because custom designed T-shirts perform the task of a walking advertisement and therefore it is a worthwhile exercise to take advantage to see what it can do to the success of the business. Taking the advantage of the stiff competition among several printing services offering massive discounts to customers for bulk orders, it is so easy to buy the required promotional T-shirts almost at half the normal price.

Employees of the organization can wear the Printed T-shirts with custom designs, purchased at such bargained prices or these items can either be distributed through trade events, offer as free promotional materials at public relations events, with the foremost idea of maximizing the exposure of the small business just turning into shape among target audience. This approach as an initial step will help establishing the company position within the industry, although it is a long way to go.

In promoting a start up business with customized t-shirts, keep the following basic guidelines in mind.

1. Use fresh and new ways to create t-shirt designs to introduce the brand.

2. Find ways for customers to repeatedly read about the brand through T-shirts. Example: employees regularly wear them.

3. Design should be simple but creative enough, where the recipient would find it useful.

4. Presentation should be impressive (e.g. with attractive packaging). Also use appropriate occasions to distribute (e.g. major trade shows or events).

Always ensure that the business logo is incorporated in your design. Many people are of the view that incorporating the logo, especially for new businesses is a useless, because people and do not recognize it. It is exactly the reason why the logo should be incorporated to establish a brand, because inclusion helps people to know about the business and gradually start associating with it.

Custom designed low priced T-shirt, enhancing its attraction is an ideal choice as a large scale promotional item. With the right tactics, it will certainly be amazing to realize how effective the marketing strategy would be, at quarter the price of what other big companies would spend towards the same goal.

T-Shirt Printing – Way to Boost Image/Sales

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Promotional clothing is playing a major role to boost the image of whether it is a company, an event or a product. Promotional T-shirt printing has as a result become a lucrative business for printing agencies.

Almost all of us have at least one piece of promotional printed clothing somewhere in our wardrobe, whether it to be worn to sleep or to visit the town. Irrespective of the purpose for which it is worn, indirectly what we do is to give our personal backing to the band or product printed on the T-shirt.

At a recent recital, the music group that was providing entertainment to the gathering suddenly started throwing their own printed T-shirts towards the crowd. For a few minutes, it was simply uproar among members of the crowd, jumping and fighting to collect a printed t-shirt, which clearly showed the attraction they had to promotional clothing. It is because such a product is unique, compared with what is found in supermarkets, where it is very unlikely that you come across somebody in the town wearing the same printed T-shirt.

Naturally, a hidden reason is that this promotional material is free of charge, where the recipient is happy to receive it, irrespective of whether it is too big or it is not the colour they prefer. Therefore it becomes a win-win situation for both parties, where the recipient gets something free of charge and the giver promotes the business or product through the recipient, when the recipient wears the promotional material. This is exactly the same for businesses at trade shows or companies promoting a new product.

This shows that T-shirt printing as a promotional material can contribute in a long way to boost sales of products by getting the customers as endorses, whether it is a business just taking off the ground or an established multinational company. Photographs of happy and smiling customers wearing products displayed printed t-shirts at your events, trade shows or product launches will certainly be an added strength in establishing your company/brand names in the minds of general public.

Employing a wide range of printing techniques, Trendy T-shirt Printing and Promotional T-shirt in Sri Lanka offer specialized and splendid service for any individual or company, who is eager to get printed promotional materials.

Tips for Young Men on Dressing Sharp

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The correct attire can offer a young man valuable minutes to build his case and impact others. This being said – it’s significant to say that it is worth spending time on your clothes as a young man even if you’re working in a company without stern dress laws.

#1 Dress Your Footwear Up.

The first step to dressing sharp is to begin from the bottom up, which means getting suitable shoes. A conventional idea that is still around declares that you can judge someone by their footwear, if you never had a really good pair of shoes then get ready to spend some cash on a durable, elegant pair. You might be surprised at the amount, but the standard and comfort will benefit you for many years. You could use one quality shoe for years and it will stay appealing, with just a light scrub and a random glow. Superior leather shoes aren’t a comfort for the overly wealthy but it is a need for any man.

#2 Dress to Look Older.

The way you dress is the manner that you will be observed, and dressing up in clothes that make you look like a school boy will be the cause for you to be treated like a kid with no skills in the actual world. Men need to age their dress code a little, which means that you should go through your cupboard and give away most of your casual attire such as; T-shirts and cargo pants and jean shorts and also sweatshirts as well as sweatpants, of course you should keep a few for when you want to workout at home or for use in the garden, but get rid of the rest and purchase more formal wear to suit your age.

 #3 Ignore Fashion Trends.

Prevailing fashion styles alter way too fast to make handy closet merchandises; many young men do not have the money to purchase new pants each month so it’s best to avoid these pants which are only best when it comes out. So stick to simple but elegant attire for the key part of your cupboard and stay away from the high fashion trends, even if you see clothes that would make you look great.

#4 Take Care of Your Clothing.

Normally, when you’re young it means that you have less cash to spend, but if you’ve purchased a couple of elegant clothes like; a custom suit and also a costly pair of shoes, it is well worth the cash you spend to keep the clothes in great condition. This means you have to utilize hangers for your suits, and shoe racks for your footwear as well as some caring affectionate caution with the washing machine. So basically take care of your smart and elegant wear and look after them with your life.

#5 Have at Least One Good Suit in the Closet

It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, you will require a good suit at a certain stage. Those who work in a field where they have to wear a suit all the time should shop for a number of colours and trends; but for men who need one for rare times should purchase a elegant single-breasted two-button suit in a charcoal gray and also navy blue. If you are purchasing it off the rack take time to do a few adjustments, it is well worth the time you spend to do this because some suits are tailored to common sizes, so most of them will not fit you perfectly. A great tailor could make tiny alterations that take your suit from looking ordinary to ideal just for you.

#6 Build from White and Blue Shirts.

White and blue cotton shirts are the spine of a sharp wardrobe, most of this rests in the reason that both of these colours make up roughly about 90% of the shirts that are purchased all over the world and the colours also look great on many skin colours as well as body types. The shirts are also obtainable throughout the globe, and can be purchased at a valued amount which is perfect for men in search of deals and bargains. The designs could also brighten up the fundamental white and blue colour tone, but there is nothing unsuitable with expanding into different other shades as your own trend develops. Make sure to have white and blue shade shirts in your cupboard, and as long as you own one that is clean and hanging in your wardrobe, you would never run out of appropriate clothes to wear.

#7 Own Dark Fitted Jeans & Know When to Wear Them

The trends for jeans are transforming every day; rips and teats also bleach washing and distressed also stone washed then there is boot cut and wide legged as well as low rise and skinny as well as baggy. Try and keep it basic and stick with fitting jeans in darker hues, sans fading as well as rips. Men could wear them with a fitting T-shirt for a loose and laid-back look or they could also wear a buttoned shirt and a sport coat for a blend of work and relaxed look

Promotional Clothing Boosting Business Results

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Most of us are sure to have at least one printed promotional cloths  such as a T-shirt somewhere in our possession, whether it is to be worn for town visits or for home use or to the bed. Irrespective of the method of usage, it implies a personal endorsement or backing of the brand name or merchandise that is printed on the garment by the wearer. This move towards printing brand or product on t-shirts has paved for the way for T-shirt printing agencies to make printing of promotional T-shirts, a big and lucrative business. At a recent concert, the music group who entertained the gathering started throwing promotional T-shirts towards the audience half way through the musical show. For a few minutes, it was a bedlam filled with uncontrollable scream that erupted among audience, fighting to grab at least one printed T-shirt.


  This clearly showed the popularity of promotional printed T-shirt, simply due to their uniqueness compared with what is found in the local supermarket, as it is unlikely for you to meet somebody at a local bar or in the town wearing identical T-shirt like what you grabbed from the gypsy musical group. Most certainly the underlining factor behind this immediate acceptance is because the T-shirt is given free, where people do not even consider whether it suits the size or the preferred colour and becomes a win-win situation to both the recipient and the giver. You receive a free printed T-shirt and the band in turn gets some publicity through you in your local bar or the high street. This same situation applies for businesses promoting a new product, through T-shirts where recipient would love to wear, even if it is half good, because it is free and different. This shows that whatever the business you are engaged in,T-shirt printed  is an effective way to promote products by involving consumers to act as happy and smiling endorsers of your product at your events/trade shows/product launches.

A Guide to Buy Men’s Workout Shirts

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Workout shirts for men are made from breathable, non-irritating fabrics and specially designed for the wearer to feel comfortable, while ensuring free movement when engaged in exercises. Workout tops specially enhance the capability of the body to regulate body temperature and to control perspiration. Ability to perform well in all types of athletic activities is the primary objective of these shirts, which are available as long-sleeve, short-sleeve in a range of styles and fabrics. This guide gives men an idea about different types of shirts which are best for exercises, details of different types of fabrics that go into make athletic wear and their special features.

Fabrics for Athletic Type Ware

Important features of fabrics that are suitable for athletes are the ones which are of lightweight and with ability to absorb moisture in order to keep the athlete dry and comfortable, while preventing variations in the body temperature.


Cotton workout shirts are suitable for persons who engage in routine moderate exercises, but they are not the best and should not be worn in a session of more rigorous exercises, as cotton material tends to gather moisture making the athlete soaked and uncomfortable during a heavy workout. Further, cotton does not breathe well compared to some synthetic materials. Furthermore, although cotton is comparatively inexpensive than other materials, cotton is more inclined to shrink after washing.


Due to its breathability, lightweight qualities, softness, resistance to shrinkage, ability to stretch and quick drying, polyester is a more popular choice among athletic wear. The disadvantages of polyester are its tendency to collect static and formation of small balls of fluff on the surface.


Nylon is similar in features to polyester, but it is cheaper than polyester. Nylon is lightweight, strong and fast drying due to non absorption of moisture, which makes it easy to maintain.


Spandex can stretch up to 500 percent of its original size and revert to its original form. Because of its lightweight, it is a perfect fitness wear. A common and regular form of spandex in fitness wear is Lycra, which is a synthetic elastic fabric. Lycra is comfortable, breathable, quick-drying and resistant to bacteria, ultraviolet rays, and chlorine. Spandex also removes instances of adherence of static and pilling.

Varieties of Workout Shirts

While designing workout shirts, attention is paid not only to performance but to comfort as well. Some of the important aspects of improving the style and comfort are the printing of the label inside the shirt instead of on a tag to prevent irritation due to rubbing against the body and the inclusion of hidden line of stitching. It is always better to consider more suitable options than cotton t-shirt for those who wish to engage in more rigorous fitness levels, although cotton t-shirt will be adequate for a majority of workouts. Men must also ensure that their shirts hang loose especially around the areas where they are likely to sweat while engaged in exercises because such wear will give the body a better freedom to breathe while perspiring and will also help to prevent rubbing or abrasion. On the other hand, if men wear a fitted top, ensure that it is constructed from light fabrics and are designed specifically for working out as otherwise, men may suffer due to overheat and hence become unproductive. It is equally important to consider weather conditions to protect the wearer from sun during summer and to keep them dry in the winter. Types of shirts that are discussed below are for such extreme temperatures.

Muscle Shirts

Muscle shirts are without sleeves like basketball shirts providing free arm movement and better circulation of body heat, where they are generally of form-fitting and with low cut armholes facilitating weight lifting. This method of cutting also allows men to freely display their muscles.

Compression Muscle Shirts

These shirts are made of tight spandex clothing and are generally worn as an inner base layer under the outer athletic attire to provide support to keep muscles warm, minimize cramps and tension and also to prevent roughness to the body with its slick layer near the underarms and inner thighs.

V-Tapered Muscle Shirts

Workout shirts with deep V – tapered cut which is made out of cotton with other synthetic mix are ideally suited for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and professional athletes.  These shirts are with sections of permeable, jersey-like weaves to allow increased airflow to high perspiration body areas such as armpits.

Short and Long-Sleeve Workout T-Shirts

Short – sleeve and long – sleeve workout t – shirts made out of special fabric are to improve the ability of the body to control its temperature and to enhance performance. An important characteristic of this fabric is its ability to absorb sweat from the skin and to transfer to the exterior of the fabric for fast evaporation. These t-shirts are ideal for extreme weather conditions, because in hot weather perspiration which is trapped causes the body to overheat and may even cause heat strokes in extreme situations.


Babies/Kids Clothes – 10 Important Guidelines

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Babies and kids often show their resentment to uncomfortable clothes by being fussy and unpredictable. That is why it is so important to choose the right type of clothes for them by paying attention to the weather conditions and the type of the activity in which the child is going to get involved. This is particularly applicable to kids wear in Sri Lanka, where the ambient temperature in the country is generally high during most parts of the year.


Easily Changeable

othes having styles such as colorful buttons and press studs at the right places make the task of changing clothes easy, while giving a smart look to the kids.


PrinClts, Designs and Patterns

Animal and cartoon prints are the fashionable, well accepted and popular selections to keep the child excited and happy.


Dazzling and Cheerful Colours

Dazzling, bright and cheerful colours always arouse the excitement of everyone, which is a common occurrence even in the minds of kids and babies.


Correct fit

Kids are generally active. It is therefore important to protect them from accidents, which often happens due to the misfit of chosen clothes, which are either too big or too small. This creates unnecessary problems to both mother and the child.


Too many Decorations

Clothes for babies should be with simple add on accessories without too many embellishments pinned, clipped or designed into the clothing. The danger is the possibility of swallowing, poking and using them to hurt other kids.


Over matching clothes

Over matching clothes is a dreadful sight and too much of a distraction, when they are full with bold prints and designs that come with everything matching, particularly when one color outfits are already quite overwhelming. Although some parents may think that it is attractive to dress their babies and kids identically, some variation is more desirable.


Too Elegant Clothes

Over dressing the child with fanciful clothes would be stupid, if the occasion does not call for such outfits, because it could be uncomfortable to the child. In that sense, selection of casual dresses for kids and babies also needs special attention.


Neutral colors

It is a disgrace to dress your child with dull neutral colors whereas they should enjoy the freedom of wearing wonderful styles with an assortment of colors and patterns.


Activity Based Dresses

Children should be properly dressed to suit the occasion and to prevent from injury, particularly if outdoor activities are a part of their day. Exposed knees and poorlyfitted shoes are good reasons for injury.

You Are Never Too Old to Be a Disney Fan

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Disney has become part and parcel of our lives. TheDisney Brands  has been the benchmark for entertainment for the last nine decades and it still is the most favorite entertainment company when it comes to small kids. Leave aside small kids, every adult has come past a childhood which was filled with Disney characters, and their child within them still jumps out whenever they see these characters on TV or movies. Disney have also entered the movie franchise, and successfully built a theme-park business around their successful Disney characters which operate around the globe and is a massive crowd puller.

Let’s take a look at how Disney built up their brand:

  • In October 1923 Walt Disney and M. J. Winkler entered into a contract to produce a series of comedies, and this is considered to be the start of The Disney Brothers Studio.
  • In September, 1927 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon was released.
  • In November 1928, the first Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse cartoon was released.
  • In July 1932, Disney released its very first colour cartoon called “Flowers and Trees”, which won an Academy Award.
  • In June 1934, Donald Duck made the first appearance in the cartoon “The Wise Little Hen”.
  • In February 1935, the first Mickey Mouse cartoon in colour was released.
  • In December 1937, Disney released their first feature length animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.
  • In November 1940 Disney releases one of its highly rated classics “Fantasia”.
  • During the 1950s, Disney releases “Treasure Island”, “Peter Pan”, and: Mickey Mouse Club”. Also in 1955, they open the first Disney Park named “Disneyland” in California.
  • During the 1980s, Disney expands into Japan by opening another Disney park. In 1983, Disney channel starts their broadcast.
  • During the 1990s. Disney provides classics that became the biggest hits of the 90s; “Beauty and the Beast”, and “The Lion King”.

Achievements of Disney cannot be given in one-page, as their achievements in the animated entertainment business is exceptional and stands tall over everyone else.

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Oscar de La Renta Was New York Fashion Week’s Most Shared Show [Infographic]

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We’re pretty big on using social media data to identify trends. The Style99 ranking of influential fashion bloggers was created to highlight the independent publishers who were gaining ground on institutional publishers through emerging media channels. This Fashion  Week season marks our inaugural report highlighting the trends of each major fashion week as determined by social media actions.

Trend reports are normally based on what’s been shown on the runway. But the prevalence of a certain color or pattern doesn’t necessarily mean people are interested in it. Fashion will always be an industry for visionaries – creative people who push design ideas the mass market didn’t know they wanted until seeing them. That said, fashion shows and presentations are no longer industry only events. They’re part of the marketing mix to reach customers, and through social media the fan, editor, buyer and shopper can all contribute to the data that exposes where interest is highest.

That’s the idea behind our latest special feature on Fashion Week Trends. We crawled photos associated with nearly 200 shows, more than 5400 individual looks, and let the social media data tell the story. View the Top 25 shows from New York Fashion Week, as well as the Top 50 looks. Individual show rankings are available, with look metrics. The NYFW Runway Intel report combines all of the activity for a complete look at the colors, shapes and designers with the most interest.


Exploring Emerald, Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year

Long a hit with red carpet starlets, emerald will get a bit of extra attention in 2013 as Pantone’s Color of the Year.

17-5461 is the official ID – speaking of, are Pantone IDs the equivalent of Social Security numbers for colors? When their glory days are behind them, and they’re sent off to an old age home for hues we can see Honeysuckle sitting around with a cup of hot cocoa complaining to Turquiose that Pantone payments just haven’t kept up with the cost of living, but we digress.

Emeralds, though often admired for their strong, vibrant green cuts, actually have a beautiful range that includes greens tinged with just a hint of blue (our favorite, and an ideal shade to complement the turquoise color of the year items still in your closet or around your home) and even pale, glassy shades that wouldn’t be recognized as emeralds at first glance.

Pantone seems to have settled on the slightly bluish green shade to represent the spectrum. For design geeks, we present the RGB, CMYK and HTML Hex codes of Pantone Emerald, between a few complimentary and contrasting spectrums.

For those who are just reminded of their love for the shade and want ways to incorporate it, try these 9 emerald style and home pieces.