Choosing the right sports clothes for better performance

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Today we understand the importance of incorporating sports and activities into our daily lives. In Sri Lanka too this trend has caught on with more and more people taking the effort to make time for sports. sport wear in Sri Lanka too has seen growth as people take the care to be properly attired for the strenuous activity.

Gone are the days when people would just throw on any old thing and try and exercise. Nowadays people want to look good and be comfortable. Workout clothes should fit well, be comfortable as well as absorbent. While most sportswear is fine for all sports certain sports such as swimming cycling would need specific sports clothing. Comfort, fabric and fit are important aspects to look into when choosing active wears in Sri Lanka.

The fabric has to allow your skin to breathe and not stick to your body in an uncomfortable fashion. This will help keep you cool while you work out or play sports. Synthetic fibre is the best as it helps maintain your body temperature which is essential when active. However, if you are not going to indulge in very strenuous activities then you can opt for cotton which is soft, but only if you do not anticipate heavy sweating.

Another very important facto to pay attention to is fit. Your sports clothes should fit well so that they do not flap or hang about when you are exercising. The best thing is that sportswear comes in a range of different styles so that you can choose kits that suit your personal style and personality. Females especially should be sure to wear very supportive undergarments and always opt for sports bras for comfort and practicality. Males should make sure to wear a protective cup if playing group competitive of contact sports.

Of course last but not least is to ensure that you are wearing the correct footwear. The correct footwear will keep you comfortable during your sport activities and will also keep your feet and ankles secure with proper support. It also helps you perform better.

In Sri Lanka you find a great selection of good quality fashionable sport wear  that is reasonably priced. If you have not already you should definitely update your sportswear wardrobe which will inspire you to incorporate even more activity into your life. A healthy life is a happy life so go find your perfect sports wear kits.

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Sportswear in Sri Lanka

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It is of paramount importance for sportsmen and sportswomen to choose the right sportswear as a protection from accidents, injuries and other health problems throughout the year to continuously improve their performance under varying and at times even adverse weather conditions.

What is the Right Sportswear?

The right kind of sportswear  depends on the type of sport one is engaged in under different weather conditions and such sportswear must fit exactly and should be comfortable. For example, joggers need light close-fitting clothing whereas footballers must have more robust clothing. The material for sportswear should be chosen between microfiber and other special artificial fibers such as, special cotton.

Advantage of these Materials

These materials often provide outer protection from ultra-violet rays and water/sweat, besides being breathable. Microfiber sport fabrics reroute the lower layer of sweat and excess body heat away from the body, preventing the build- up of unsafe heat. The body heat gathered between the layers of material during the winter season helps to maintain the warmth, thus bringing in the required comfort, which in turn averts chilly and painful muscles.

There is some sportswear such as outfits for a cyclist, which is custom-made. They are designed to include a strengthened headwind-resistant front part. A person engaged in outdoor sports during summer must take sufficient precautions to protect against the sun. Further, it is vital to wear robust high-quality footwear to prevent the high risk of injury due to low-quality sports shoes. Footwear with well-sprung soles and that are sufficiently wide around the toes are the best footwear to provide comfortable and healthy environment for the feet.

Under Armour is the Place for the Right Sportswear 

A wide range of  sportswear for man and women  manufactured by the American manufacturer,” Under Armour” are available in most of the sports clubs which could be purchased to suit individual requirements. Under Armour has earned the reputation for its thermal wear made of special cotton and artificial fibers (Heat Gear and Cold Gear), in addition to being able to cater to fashion-conscious sportsmen and sportswomen with styles design coupled with lollipop colors. You will realize the truth only if you see them.