Useful Fashion Tips That Men Should Use

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Unlike women, men require a bit more help when it comes to picking out clothing that suits them the best and looking good overall. One of the best ways to achieve this is by providing tips and tricks. Outlined here are some useful tips to help out all guys out there when it comes to fashion.

First and foremost the number one and most important fashion tip for any man is a proper fit. This is the most dramatic improvement you can make to your style. Many men tend to wear very big clothes. Your clothing must hug the shape of your body, but not be too tight. A simple wardrobe is as important. You want your clothes to look good, but you must not overdo it. When it comes to colours and jewellery, don’t wear more than three at the same time. Don’t try to be too flashy as this could go very wrong. Adding a simple touch such as a flashy watch or accessory will look just right.

Dressing casually does not mean you have to look boring. Try collared shirts instead of a simple one. The most casual clothes can sometimes be the most fun. Supporting pieces are always important, pay attention to them. If you wear a rugged sweater your bottom needs to be the same as well, such as cargos or jeans. Take someone along with you when you go shopping for clothing. Ask a friend to come along with you and give you honest feedback. It’s not a good idea to trust sales people with this.

Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion, but just like anything else it must not be overdone. It is much better to be overdressed than underdressed. Think well about what the occasion is and who else will be there and dress accordingly. Details in an outfit can be a very powerful statement. Whatever you put on last is what’s noticed first. So paying attention to little details is as important as the main parts of the outfit. Such small details could include items such as scarves or pocket squares. Something people always notice are your shoes, so they must always be kept neat and tidy. Most men ignore their shoes and don’t bother about them as much as the rest of the outfit. Have at least one pair of shoes in good condition. T-shirts with logos on them are a big no no as they make you look like an advertisement. Instead, choose a classic v neck t-shirt. Try not to follow trends or buying something simply because it’s a popular fashion option for others. Buy what you like and are comfortable with. Focus instead on building a versatile and timeless wardrobe and then add in your own tastes and twists to make it more interesting and it will also help to save money.

Don’t buy an item just because it has a popular brand name, purchase items according to the quality and style. Ask people for honest feedback as they themselves are not going to give it to you. Be it your best friend or hairstylist. Finally the only way to learn is by trying new things. Try something out of your comfort zone the next time you go shopping. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or expressing yourself. Cultivate your fashion sense and image and invest more time and money into it. It is one very important form of communication that must be taken care of.

How To Properly Shop For Men’s Clothing

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Most times men find it quite challenging and difficult to shop for clothing that is both stylish and affordable and which also helps them to look sharp and smart whatever the occasion.

There are several tips that men can use to better choose clothing on a budget.

If you have never put an outfit together by yourself before, a good idea is to subscribe to several men’s clothing catalogs. You will be able to study clothes and match your outfits in a better way. Especially choose catalogs of brands that you regularly wear. Sometimes the clothing that you like may be from a store that is too expensive for your budget, in this case you can take the picture in the catalog to the store you shop at so that the store representatives can find something similar.

It is also good to buy several colours of an outfit that you like. Try not to worry about whether or not a colour suits you as most colours match anyone. Colours such as pink and purple are colours to stay away from if you feel self conscious. Also keep an eye out for deals and coupons to save money. Many sales are announced by stores through email lists, so make sure to sign up for one of these. It is much better to purchase solid coloured clothes than printed as these will be easier to match. Always make sure that the clothes you purchase fit you well, a good thing to remember is that if your clothes are too big, you will look bigger too. Shirts should fit properly around the shoulders and unless you are big made, you should be able to put your fingers under the cuff of short sleeves, whereas long sleeves should not go past your hands. Pants must be the right length and must not touch the shoe soles. Pleated pants do not suit everyone so it is better to buy flat-front pants. A good fit applies to pants as well. A common mistake that many men make is not hemming their pants in the right way. It is quite cheap to get done and prevents your pants from getting frayed at the bottom which is not a nice look at all.

Contrary to popular belief black does not make you look slim, so wearing full black is not wise. In fact, wearing any single colour from head to toe is not a good idea. Only clothing such as suits and tuxedos should be one single colour. Belts and shoes are also important accessories in a man’s wardrobe which must also be matched well. For example don’t wear a brown belt with black shoes. Men’s belts especially should have no stamps or decorations on them and shoes must always be polished. Wear white socks with sneakers and black socks with dress shoes. Jean shorts are not a good look, khaki shorts and cargo shorts are best but only for casual days. The perfect length for shorts are around your knees.

Brands don’t matter, only purchase items that are comfortable and fit you well. A man’s basic wardrobe should ideally consist of jeans, khakis, khaki or cargo shorts, button down shirts, black leather belt and shoes and for casual days short sleeved polo shirts or heavyweight t-shirts. Try not to overspend on clothing, but make sure you have enough to be able to dress well for any occasion.

Tips for Dressing Kid’s who are Sensationally Sensitive.

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Getting dressed can be a struggle for some kids who are extremely delicate or who have tactile distinctions. Below are some tips on how to lessen the pressure while they get ready.

Heavy Work

Begin with heavy work; heating up the muscles with training is the best method to lessen sensitivity. Professional counsellors interpret “heavy work” as movements such as; pushing a clothes basket and also creeping through a tunnel, these apply extensive force on the bones of the top part of their body.

Soft Clothing

Know what type of kids clothing to search for: it has to be smooth and breathable material, with no tags, also made with elastic bands and there can’t be any metal pieces, any hefty decorations or trinkets. Some websites give plenty of soft outfits for your sensationally sensitive kid.

Also purchase second-hand clothes when attainable and shop at used department stores for smother materials.

Find Alternatives

Trust your kid when she or he tells you that their attire annoys them; take this chance to discover an answer to the issue together. Wearing an undershirt without the tag expands general ease; exchanging cotton jersey gaiters for leotards makes wearing a skirt way more enjoyable.

Let Your Child Choose

Permit your kids to pick their outfits frequently as manageable; sometimes 5 year olds love to dress in black colours; like the Darth Vader, but other times they would love to wear outfits such as; from a monster truck theme or even a roller coaster theme. These kinds of tests expand their sensational indulgence.

Find the Right Undergarments

Be sure that kids socks also their under garments are very comfy, a whole day could get spoiled by unruly socks that get bundled up inside their shoes or under garments that scratches the hips. There are places that make smooth socks as well as underwear that are made to reduce annoyance for kids who are sensitive.

Boys boxers without tags with closed waistbands are the cosiest clothes for girls and boys, the stretchy bands around the groin part can be very excruciating on boys and girls underwear.

Don’t Always Dress For the Weather

Be adaptable about dressing for the climate, some kids want to wear long sleeves and long trousers throughout the year due to the reason that they do not enjoy the sensation of air on their arms and legs. The parents handle this by permitting their kids to pick their ownoutfits; they do have a set of clothes ready for when their children realize the truth about the weather outside.

Choose your sleepwear carefully

Pick the correct blankets and pajamas cautiously to get a great night’s sleep, remember exhausted and grumpy kids are quite sensitive. Don’t allow them to wear warm wool pyjamas; because they sweat but get them to dress in cotton knit pyjamas, the cotton material stops the dampness on their body.

Use Vitamins

Select vitamin and mineral add-ons to lessen sensitivity, there is considerable proof that says mineral as well as vitamin defaults can lead to sensitivities. Highly sensitive children usually have specialized nourishments, it means they need additional sustenance as well. Ask your doctor about the vitamin mixture that would work ideally for your kid.

A Complete Guide to Men’s T-Shirt’s

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People say that men look great in jeans and a t-shirt, and all the other things are just a game; of course one we all love to play. T-shirts are 100 years old and it is a fundamental need for many and it can be worn for several instances such as; under a shirt with a suit also to the gym and also to the beach as well as in the night to sleep. These are true items: we purchase them in large volumes, most of the time from the same label, and we don’t really reflect on these materials until they require exchanging.

The Perfect Fit

The manner that t-shirts fit you says a lot about you, if it’s baggy with sleeves hanging wistfully from your shoulder and extra material that makes a tent around your frame, then it’s sad to say that, you’re telling the world that you have forgotten about yourself. Perfect fitting t-shirts underline the portions of your physique that you are most satisfied with without depicting awareness to the regions that you are aware of.

Arms: Sleeves should always be short, or if they are long fold them up a bit, to reveal your arms.

Pecs/Shoulders: Men will need a slim fitting kind that glides past this portion of their figure.

Abs/Narrow Waist: Search fornarrow styled t-shirts that don’t wrap around your waist.

If you are not comfortable about your figure and nothing really catches your interest, which is a issue for many, pick a simple fit in your usual size (but do not choose bulky ones to hide), and also men need to concentrate on the shades and neck style as well as material.

Here are few tips that concern all body shapes:

  • Elegant t-shirts should not end at the top of your hips.
  • Short sleeves should shield most of the top half of your arm.
  • A t-shirt that fits you perfectly is not prohibitive; it permits you to move about easily and should never be too tight.

Timeless Black, White & Grey

Also the navy shade, these classic hues are what lays the base for every victorious cupboard and most of the time we categorise t-shirts that are in these shades as “fundamental”.

Additional shades: There aren’t strict laws here; men’s t-shirts are casual, cheap and a successful technique of examining with various shades. But if there is a colour that you want to try out then by all means go right ahead!

The Neck Type

V-necks as well as Crew necks are both elegant necklines that deserve your concern, and it’s always said that you should copy your collars when dressing; this means that if you’re dressed in a crew neck jumper the t-shirt that you wear should have the same form.

V-necks normally lengthen the neck, which makes it ideal for men who are short searching to generate the appearance of tallness and span, or for bigger men who want a slimmer result. These t-shirts also offer stability to circular and broader faces.

Fabric Choice

Most men are inclined to depend on thicker material other than for light fabric, as if standard is instantly associated to the force of the material. Well, the opposite one is true for t-shirt fabrics.

T-shirt suppliers in Sri Lanka, who go for 100 percent cotton and can manage a premium, can keep an eye out for Pima as well as Egyptian cottons; these are created from lengthy vital fibres that last for extended periods, and are narrower and they also light. They are known to be the excellent quality ones that are obtainable in the present trade.

Designer x Premium x High Street

Even if men’s t-shirt comes in a three-box carton from the most expensive shop or if you spend on a fashion brand, be sure not to reveal the brand or go for needless details. With the fundamental t-shirts you’re permitted one front strip pocket, a complimentary interior cut and nothing else.

T-shirt suppliers in Sri Lanka are after great standards, perfect fit as well as no evident features – t-shirts that follow this chant will slip smoothly into your prevailing cupboard and will still get the suitable use for many years surpassing any brief fashion styles.

Tips on How to Organize your Kids’ Clothing and Closet

Kids T-shirt supplier in Sri Lanka

Maintaining a neat and well-organised home can play an important role in leading a happy family life. Families with kids will very well know the hassle involved with having to do so – organising kids’ clothing and managing closet space in particular. Listed below are a few tips and tricks on how you can keep your kid’s clothing and household clutter at bay

1) Stick to a Colour Code

A quick and easy way to avoid a lot of confusion at home is by assigning each member of your family a specific colour. For example, if one child is assigned the colour yellow, stick to yellow when buying items – including personal hygiene products, household utensils and kids wear in Sri Lanka. Toothbrushes, towels, laundry baskets, hair brushes, combs and such similar products can be all bought according to this colour code system when shopping. It is also possible to label kids’ clothing such underwear and socks by marking each clothing item with a small speck of the assigned colour in order to clearly identify its owner. This method will prevent any disagreements over belongings – specially over kids’ clothing – about which clothing item belongs to whom.

2) Sort Out Laundry

Laundry is usually the messiest aspect of any home and maintaining a well-organised laundry system can save heaps of time, hassle and worry. Kids’ wear in Sri Lanka can be organised in many ways when it comes to laundry. A useful tip is to have a separate colour-coded laundry basket assigned for each member of your family. Ensuring that each basket only contains clothing items and kids’ clothing belonging to its respective owner will automatically categorize and organize your laundry based on each member of the family. Getting your kids involved with doing laundry can be an excellent learning curve and will also prepare them to take on more responsibilities later on in life.

3) Organise Closet Space

Organizing kids’ wear in Sri Lanka and managing closet space can be a difficult task. Many homes are guilty of simply stuffing their garments and kids’ clothing into their closet without any arrangement or categorization – which can lead to huge loss of closet space as well as several hours wasted on trying to locate a specific clothing item. Make sure to use plenty of hangers for your kids’ clothing to keep everything nice and neat. Having separate compartments for different types of clothes is another excellent tip to sort things out and ensure that you are aware of exactly where each clothing item can be found in your closet.

4) Arrange Footwear and Bags

When it comes to kids’ wear in Sri Lanka, footwear and bags take up quite a large and unnecessary amount of space. Make sure you have a designated space or area – perhaps even a shoe rack – that is specifically meant for all footwear such as slippers, sandals, shoes, sneakers, etc. The same method can be done for bags and backpacks so that they do not clutter the house unnecessarily.

Having a well-organised and clean house is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also makes life less stressful. You save much time when your things are easier to find, helping you be relaxed and have peace of mind at all times – which is the successful recipe for a happy family life!

The Men’s Complete T-Shirt Buying Guide

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T-shirts are considered to be amongst the most basic elements of men’s fashion and clothing. Like other men’s t-shirts around the world, t-shirts in Sri Lanka are of various styles, designs and fashion brands. Given the vast variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and colours of t-shirts in Sri Lanka, selecting the perfect men’s t-shirt can be somewhat tricky. This guide has been compiled to help pick out the perfect t-shirt for you – in both style and comfort.

Selecting the Perfect Men’s T-Shirt

If you are unsure about which type of t-shirt will suit you, the following tips will help you out.

1) Size Comes First

The most important factor when buying a men’s t-shirt in Sri Lanka – or just about any other clothing item – is to ensure that you find a t-shirt of the correct size. An easy way to know whether a particular t-shirt is too big or too small is by checking the position of the seams on the shoulders of the t-shirt. A men’s t-shirt in Sri Lanka of the correct size will have its seams directly above the edge of your shoulders, while a t-shirt that is too large will have the seams hanging off your shoulders and a t-shirt that is too small will have the seams closer to your neck. A properly-fitted men’s t-shirt will also feel snug and not feel too tight or too loose.


2) Find the Right Fit

It is important to know the right fit and style of men’s t-shirt for your body type. If you are confident about your figure and wish to show it off, you may opt for a tight-fitting men’s t-shirt that accentuates your body shape perfectly. Looser men’s t-shirts are however more practical for day-to-day wear and are usually the most popular choice amongst most men. The type of fit that you wish to go for depends solely on personal preference and can be independently decided on.


3) Fabric and Material

This is another important factor that should be taken into consideration when deciding to buy men’s t-shirts in Sri Lanka. Each type of men’s t-shirt material – be it cotton or polyester – has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, choosing the correct fabric and material will all come down to your lifestyle requirements and preferences. Cotton for example is highly comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day – specially during summer. However, it wrinkles and shrinks easily, unlike polyester – which is now being popularly used for sporting purposes. The type of fabric and material for your t-shirt will depend on your requirements as well as your personal taste.

Numerous fashion brands of t-shirts in Sri Lanka are available, providing plenty of options. More fashion brand options are available online for internet shoppers and give an exciting array of men’s t-shirts for all occasions and tastes. For a more trendy and stylish look, simply spice up your look with a few accessories and fashion items. Finding the perfect men’s t-shirt is as easy as it gets!

Select the Right Sportswear

Trendy Sale

Sportsmen and women must be concerned about their sportswear, nor merely to look attractive, but to ensure that such sportswear is adequate enough to survive the severity of their respective sports activities, whether it is tennis, yoga or any other. Following are the tips recommended by sportswear experts in this regard.

Choose the Right Sports Bra

It is essential that sportswomen must wear the right type of sports bra to ensure adequate support to the breast, based on the severity of the type of sports or fitness workouts they are engaged in.

  • Wide-striped bras that cross over at the back and somewhat similar to swim suit, which can be glided over the head like a t-shirt are good to withstand the rigors of strenuous sports activities or workouts, although they lack the ability to intensify the attractiveness of the body of a woman. Bras with under wires are not suitable as they can rub against the skin when sweating.
  • Sports bra that is an all-in-one top is good for large cup sizes, as this type of integrated bra top can provide the support the breast needs.
  • Even for smaller cup sizes, it is important to wear a bra to provide support to the breasts. In this case, an integrated bra top should not be selected. Instead, just choose a bra with the right cup size that provides sufficient support to the breast.
  • For moderate exercises such as yoga, sportswear should be soft and from unstructured fabric to support unhindered movement. If the exercise needs the body to rest on the floor, a fabric that does not rub against the skin should be chosen. An integrated bra with a simple top is adequate enough to provide the support the breast needs for gentle sport with low impact, whilst adding beauty and style to the body.

The above tips can be applied to any types of sports including combat sports like mixed martial arts.

Selection of Fabric for Sportswear

Following guidelines will be useful in selecting sportswear with the right fabric.

  • Sportswear for Intensive workouts like running, fitness classes, tennis, and hiking should be with anti-perspiration fabric to soak sweat from the body and to release it on to the other side of the clothing to maintain the body dry and fresh. Fabrics with polyamide or polyester for a flexible fit are good choices. Natural materials like merino wool which are lightweight and absorbent have the benefits of synthetic fibers.
  •  Light fabric that provides the ability to stretch and bend with least difficulty or uneasiness is good for less intensive activities like yoga. It is important that it should be free of rough edges and seams to prevent irritation to the skin. Cotton, bamboo and modal fabrics are the recommended materials. If it is made of nylon, it should be elastic for a comfortable fit.


At times, it escapes from the mind to choose the right footwear. The primary concern should be the right sole which is shock absorbing, spongy and bouncy that fits to the foot perfectly.

  • For indoor sports, a pair of shoes where the sole of the shoe has the ability to bear the impact of the feet striking the ground is a good selection. It should also be good enough to survive sideways movements, prevent skidding and to support the body balance.

More Expert Advices

A top with a drawstring waist is suitable for yoga classes, which assists stretching and bending. As a sports bottom always wear leggings as they are the most comfortable.

Lightweight and stretchy fabrics are the most suitable for athletes who take part in rigorous running to maintain freedom of movement. For running in summer, tennis types skirts would be ideal.

Promotional and Wholesale Custom T-Shirts as a Marketing Tool for New Businesses

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In the minds of owners of most new businesses, it is a belief that large sums of money is required to support the marketing wheel of the business to promote company brands. Naturally, any business can spend excessive money on marketing, if there is enough money, but for a new business which is just taking off the ground, such lavishness is almost beyond reach. It is therefore essential to plan it ahead and to start with the basic things or alternatively try to introduce a creative and innovative approach to promote business.

One successful approach for a new business to reach potential customers to boost sales is the use of cheap custom designed T-shirts.

Distribution of printed wholesale T-shirts is an effective marketing tool, especially for small scale businesses to achieve many benefits, because custom designed T-shirts perform the task of a walking advertisement and therefore it is a worthwhile exercise to take advantage to see what it can do to the success of the business. Taking the advantage of the stiff competition among several printing services offering massive discounts to customers for bulk orders, it is so easy to buy the required promotional T-shirts almost at half the normal price.

Employees of the organization can wear the Printed T-shirts with custom designs, purchased at such bargained prices or these items can either be distributed through trade events, offer as free promotional materials at public relations events, with the foremost idea of maximizing the exposure of the small business just turning into shape among target audience. This approach as an initial step will help establishing the company position within the industry, although it is a long way to go.

In promoting a start up business with customized t-shirts, keep the following basic guidelines in mind.

1. Use fresh and new ways to create t-shirt designs to introduce the brand.

2. Find ways for customers to repeatedly read about the brand through T-shirts. Example: employees regularly wear them.

3. Design should be simple but creative enough, where the recipient would find it useful.

4. Presentation should be impressive (e.g. with attractive packaging). Also use appropriate occasions to distribute (e.g. major trade shows or events).

Always ensure that the business logo is incorporated in your design. Many people are of the view that incorporating the logo, especially for new businesses is a useless, because people and do not recognize it. It is exactly the reason why the logo should be incorporated to establish a brand, because inclusion helps people to know about the business and gradually start associating with it.

Custom designed low priced T-shirt, enhancing its attraction is an ideal choice as a large scale promotional item. With the right tactics, it will certainly be amazing to realize how effective the marketing strategy would be, at quarter the price of what other big companies would spend towards the same goal.

T-Shirt Printing – Way to Boost Image/Sales

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Promotional clothing is playing a major role to boost the image of whether it is a company, an event or a product. Promotional T-shirt printing has as a result become a lucrative business for printing agencies.

Almost all of us have at least one piece of promotional printed clothing somewhere in our wardrobe, whether it to be worn to sleep or to visit the town. Irrespective of the purpose for which it is worn, indirectly what we do is to give our personal backing to the band or product printed on the T-shirt.

At a recent recital, the music group that was providing entertainment to the gathering suddenly started throwing their own printed T-shirts towards the crowd. For a few minutes, it was simply uproar among members of the crowd, jumping and fighting to collect a printed t-shirt, which clearly showed the attraction they had to promotional clothing. It is because such a product is unique, compared with what is found in supermarkets, where it is very unlikely that you come across somebody in the town wearing the same printed T-shirt.

Naturally, a hidden reason is that this promotional material is free of charge, where the recipient is happy to receive it, irrespective of whether it is too big or it is not the colour they prefer. Therefore it becomes a win-win situation for both parties, where the recipient gets something free of charge and the giver promotes the business or product through the recipient, when the recipient wears the promotional material. This is exactly the same for businesses at trade shows or companies promoting a new product.

This shows that T-shirt printing as a promotional material can contribute in a long way to boost sales of products by getting the customers as endorses, whether it is a business just taking off the ground or an established multinational company. Photographs of happy and smiling customers wearing products displayed printed t-shirts at your events, trade shows or product launches will certainly be an added strength in establishing your company/brand names in the minds of general public.

Employing a wide range of printing techniques, Trendy T-shirt Printing and Promotional T-shirt in Sri Lanka offer specialized and splendid service for any individual or company, who is eager to get printed promotional materials.

Promotional Clothing Boosting Business Results

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Most of us are sure to have at least one printed promotional cloths  such as a T-shirt somewhere in our possession, whether it is to be worn for town visits or for home use or to the bed. Irrespective of the method of usage, it implies a personal endorsement or backing of the brand name or merchandise that is printed on the garment by the wearer. This move towards printing brand or product on t-shirts has paved for the way for T-shirt printing agencies to make printing of promotional T-shirts, a big and lucrative business. At a recent concert, the music group who entertained the gathering started throwing promotional T-shirts towards the audience half way through the musical show. For a few minutes, it was a bedlam filled with uncontrollable scream that erupted among audience, fighting to grab at least one printed T-shirt.


  This clearly showed the popularity of promotional printed T-shirt, simply due to their uniqueness compared with what is found in the local supermarket, as it is unlikely for you to meet somebody at a local bar or in the town wearing identical T-shirt like what you grabbed from the gypsy musical group. Most certainly the underlining factor behind this immediate acceptance is because the T-shirt is given free, where people do not even consider whether it suits the size or the preferred colour and becomes a win-win situation to both the recipient and the giver. You receive a free printed T-shirt and the band in turn gets some publicity through you in your local bar or the high street. This same situation applies for businesses promoting a new product, through T-shirts where recipient would love to wear, even if it is half good, because it is free and different. This shows that whatever the business you are engaged in,T-shirt printed  is an effective way to promote products by involving consumers to act as happy and smiling endorsers of your product at your events/trade shows/product launches.

Babies/Kids Clothes – 10 Important Guidelines

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Babies and kids often show their resentment to uncomfortable clothes by being fussy and unpredictable. That is why it is so important to choose the right type of clothes for them by paying attention to the weather conditions and the type of the activity in which the child is going to get involved. This is particularly applicable to kids wear in Sri Lanka, where the ambient temperature in the country is generally high during most parts of the year.


Easily Changeable

othes having styles such as colorful buttons and press studs at the right places make the task of changing clothes easy, while giving a smart look to the kids.


PrinClts, Designs and Patterns

Animal and cartoon prints are the fashionable, well accepted and popular selections to keep the child excited and happy.


Dazzling and Cheerful Colours

Dazzling, bright and cheerful colours always arouse the excitement of everyone, which is a common occurrence even in the minds of kids and babies.


Correct fit

Kids are generally active. It is therefore important to protect them from accidents, which often happens due to the misfit of chosen clothes, which are either too big or too small. This creates unnecessary problems to both mother and the child.


Too many Decorations

Clothes for babies should be with simple add on accessories without too many embellishments pinned, clipped or designed into the clothing. The danger is the possibility of swallowing, poking and using them to hurt other kids.


Over matching clothes

Over matching clothes is a dreadful sight and too much of a distraction, when they are full with bold prints and designs that come with everything matching, particularly when one color outfits are already quite overwhelming. Although some parents may think that it is attractive to dress their babies and kids identically, some variation is more desirable.


Too Elegant Clothes

Over dressing the child with fanciful clothes would be stupid, if the occasion does not call for such outfits, because it could be uncomfortable to the child. In that sense, selection of casual dresses for kids and babies also needs special attention.


Neutral colors

It is a disgrace to dress your child with dull neutral colors whereas they should enjoy the freedom of wearing wonderful styles with an assortment of colors and patterns.


Activity Based Dresses

Children should be properly dressed to suit the occasion and to prevent from injury, particularly if outdoor activities are a part of their day. Exposed knees and poorlyfitted shoes are good reasons for injury.