The Men’s Complete T-Shirt Buying Guide

T-shirts are considered to be amongst the most basic elements of men’s fashion and clothing. Like other men’s t-shirts around the world, t-shirts in Sri Lanka are of various styles, designs and fashion brands. Given the vast variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and colours of t-shirts in Sri Lanka, selecting the perfect men’s t-shirt can be somewhat tricky. This guide has been compiled to help pick out the perfect t-shirt for you – in both style and comfort.

Selecting the Perfect Men’s T-Shirt

If you are unsure about which type of t-shirt will suit you, the following tips will help you out.

1) Size Comes First

The most important factor when buying a men’s t-shirt in Sri Lanka – or just about any other clothing item – is to ensure that you find a t-shirt of the correct size. An easy way to know whether a particular t-shirt is too big or too small is by checking the position of the seams on the shoulders of the t-shirt. A men’s t-shirt in Sri Lanka of the correct size will have its seams directly above the edge of your shoulders, while a t-shirt that is too large will have the seams hanging off your shoulders and a t-shirt that is too small will have the seams closer to your neck. A properly-fitted men’s t-shirt will also feel snug and not feel too tight or too loose.


2) Find the Right Fit

It is important to know the right fit and style of men’s t-shirt for your body type. If you are confident about your figure and wish to show it off, you may opt for a tight-fitting men’s t-shirt that accentuates your body shape perfectly. Looser men’s t-shirts are however more practical for day-to-day wear and are usually the most popular choice amongst most men. The type of fit that you wish to go for depends solely on personal preference and can be independently decided on.


3) Fabric and Material

This is another important factor that should be taken into consideration when deciding to buy men’s t-shirts in Sri Lanka. Each type of men’s t-shirt material – be it cotton or polyester – has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, choosing the correct fabric and material will all come down to your lifestyle requirements and preferences. Cotton for example is highly comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day – specially during summer. However, it wrinkles and shrinks easily, unlike polyester – which is now being popularly used for sporting purposes. The type of fabric and material for your t-shirt will depend on your requirements as well as your personal taste.

Numerous fashion brands of t-shirts in Sri Lanka are available, providing plenty of options. More fashion brand options are available online for internet shoppers and give an exciting array of men’s t-shirts for all occasions and tastes. For a more trendy and stylish look, simply spice up your look with a few accessories and fashion items. Finding the perfect men’s t-shirt is as easy as it gets!