Tips on How to Organize your Kids’ Clothing and Closet

Maintaining a neat and well-organised home can play an important role in leading a happy family life. Families with kids will very well know the hassle involved with having to do so – organising kids’ clothing and managing closet space in particular. Listed below are a few tips and tricks on how you can keep your kid’s clothing and household clutter at bay

1) Stick to a Colour Code

A quick and easy way to avoid a lot of confusion at home is by assigning each member of your family a specific colour. For example, if one child is assigned the colour yellow, stick to yellow when buying items – including personal hygiene products, household utensils and kids wear in Sri Lanka. Toothbrushes, towels, laundry baskets, hair brushes, combs and such similar products can be all bought according to this colour code system when shopping. It is also possible to label kids’ clothing such underwear and socks by marking each clothing item with a small speck of the assigned colour in order to clearly identify its owner. This method will prevent any disagreements over belongings – specially over kids’ clothing – about which clothing item belongs to whom.

2) Sort Out Laundry

Laundry is usually the messiest aspect of any home and maintaining a well-organised laundry system can save heaps of time, hassle and worry. Kids’ wear in Sri Lanka can be organised in many ways when it comes to laundry. A useful tip is to have a separate colour-coded laundry basket assigned for each member of your family. Ensuring that each basket only contains clothing items and kids’ clothing belonging to its respective owner will automatically categorize and organize your laundry based on each member of the family. Getting your kids involved with doing laundry can be an excellent learning curve and will also prepare them to take on more responsibilities later on in life.

3) Organise Closet Space

Organizing kids’ wear in Sri Lanka and managing closet space can be a difficult task. Many homes are guilty of simply stuffing their garments and kids’ clothing into their closet without any arrangement or categorization – which can lead to huge loss of closet space as well as several hours wasted on trying to locate a specific clothing item. Make sure to use plenty of hangers for your kids’ clothing to keep everything nice and neat. Having separate compartments for different types of clothes is another excellent tip to sort things out and ensure that you are aware of exactly where each clothing item can be found in your closet.

4) Arrange Footwear and Bags

When it comes to kids’ wear in Sri Lanka, footwear and bags take up quite a large and unnecessary amount of space. Make sure you have a designated space or area – perhaps even a shoe rack – that is specifically meant for all footwear such as slippers, sandals, shoes, sneakers, etc. The same method can be done for bags and backpacks so that they do not clutter the house unnecessarily.

Having a well-organised and clean house is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also makes life less stressful. You save much time when your things are easier to find, helping you be relaxed and have peace of mind at all times – which is the successful recipe for a happy family life!